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Have you ever given any thought as to how many families goes without food in Washington each day or the number of people that are homeless. According to research there are 970,150 people including families that are Food Insecure and around 18,442 that are homeless on any given day. Could you imagine going without a decent meal for even one day let alone a week, this is the reality that many people face on a daily basis. If you are feeling the pain and suffering of those less fortunate there is something you can do to help. Puyallup Family Community Christian Center works to provide Food, clothing, hygiene supplies and much more to both low income families and the homeless. You can make a difference in someone's life by making a donation to our foundation. 100% of all funds raised goes directly to our outreach programs. We do not take administrative fees or pay our volunteers. We are committed to helping those in need. With your generous support we can continue our work and provide meals and clothing to those that otherwise may not have a meal tonight. Please consider a donation and help those less fortunate.


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  Pastor James Brown

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